Fin tube heat exchanger
Model GLII Heat Exchanger
 Model GLII is developed and improved on the basis of model can replace Model GI, Model I and copper radiator. The Model GLII has the highest heat transfer coefficient. If we want to abtain the same heat production, model GLII has the advantage of lighter weight, smaller volume and less metal consumption. than model I. It can aslo replace model UII and model B which is made of copper.

The fin tube is made of seamless steel tube of diameter 18x2.0mm with crimped carbon steel fin of 10x3.0mm. Distance between fins is 3.6mm. Fin tube surface is zinc plated . Row number can be 2, 4, 6, 8 rows or even more. Working pressure of heat medium is under 20Mpa and working tempeture is under 300 degree.